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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  October 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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city council and mayor de blasio. >> the budget action taken with the council in june will fully manifest by the end of next year with the impact of almost 1300 new officers. >> reporter: all 1300 new officers will be hitting the streets by december of next year. these recruits are the first class to be sworn in in the new training academy. >> it's not just a building. it is a learning entity. it is where for the next six months we'll do all in our power to give you everything you will need to do your job successfully. >> reporter: the dangers officers face evident last night. three men fired shots at three plainclothes officers in fort green, brooklyn. none of the officers were hurt. one suspect was hit, and all three are now in custody. despite a string of shootings this summer, the police commissioner predicts the expansion of the force will have positive lasting effects on the entire city. >> this year we will end the
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year with historic low crime. guaranteed. by the end of this year, we'll have the best crime year in the history of the city. >> reporter: that's definitely a bold statement. we'll have to wait and see. the police commissioner also added that this is the most diverse group of recruitments the nypd has ever had, with more than a third being hispanic. back to you. ernie: all right. thank you very much for your report. and joining me now to talk about this is is peter moreno, retired nypd captain and security expert. you were on the force 28-plus years. you've seen a lot. what do you think about this expansion? >> i'm happy. anytime they hire more police officers, i'm very happy. it's important though to remember that even though we are expanding at record numbers, we're behind in terms of all time highs. ernie: all time we're getting 1300 coming in before the end of next year. they'll be training at this $750 million police academy. how different is that from the time you were there?
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facility, very interactive. they have a mock courtroom, full sized subway car and full sized police cars and street scenes. you can get more role playing done. ernie: this is great. i know the commissioner is high on the new technology as well. >> he is. a lot of the officers now have access to information that we never used to have access instantly. ernie: we hope that will make a difference, of course. we heard the commissioner talking about the low crime rate, hoping to keep that. it's not an easy job. you know that. >> it's not. i remember when i was a commanding officer, i felt i was keeping a lid on the garbage can keeping it under control. ernie: it's something we all look to and we hope the addition of the new police officers and good command will make a big difference. you did. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. ernie: let's continue to talk about other stories in the news for you. a new drone company could soon open up shop at an old airstrip in long island. they plan to build solar powered
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drones with a wingspan of 150 feet, each having the ability to beam internet service to remote places on earth. the land is owned by riverhead and will bring much needed jobs to the area. >> the most exciting economic development thing to happen to all of long island. >> we are a project that's multimillion dollars. ernie: it is still not known who is behind this. officials plan to hold public hearings later this month. an american hero who tackled a gunman on a train bound for paris is recovering after being stabbed four times in the chest. spencer stone is in stable condition following the early morning fight near a bar in sacramento, california. police believe alcohol was involved and it had nothing to do with what happened in europe. >> after months of speculation, the ceo of success academy charter school says she will not run for mayor in 2017. former city council member eva moskowitz would rather stay in
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that's what's happening now. nick is joining us with some delicious weather. nick: that's a good word. ernie: tasty. nick: fantastic. our appetite wants more. we'll have more. just a little bump in the road tomorrow, but emphasis on little. we have a weak system bringing a couple of showers. ernie: stretch it out. nick: the big holiday weekend is coming. we have to be on target for that. you'll like what's coming our way. today was the lower 70s. we had a bit of clouds from time to time. but a nice day. the low, 59. above average. average high 67. low, 52. neither record in jeopardy anytime soon. record high 87 was a couple of years ago in 2007 and 37 on this day back in 1988. your sunrise 7:00. it will be a challenge tomorrow. if you see any sun, it will be during the first part of the morning. right now, 64. humidity on the increase a little bit thanks to the wind out of the south. we have a few scattered clouds.
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the pressure is strong, 30.09, rising for the moment, but we will a system approaching to change things for tomorrow. it's about 70 for the high through the hudson valley. 69 sussex. newark, 70. mid 60s at the shore. and mid to upper 60s as you move across long island. we're off the numbers a little now with the wind off the ocean. 62 on the east end. bridgeport, 65. 64 at belmar. same in midtown. 67 at sussex. mid 60s as you move towards poughkeepsie. there's the south to southeasterly wind. expect it to continue tonight 5, 10 miles an hour. south-southwesterly at times tomorrow. it will pick up in speed at 10 to 25 miles an hour. right now there's nothing on fox 5 sky guardian as far as any rain. tomorrow there will be. a few showers around the first part of the morning, but more so mid to late afternoon into the first part of tomorrow night. the system is moving fast. it doesn't have a lot of moisture to work with. that's why i'm talking about a nice holiday weekend coming up. we have a few scattered clouds. the bulk of the cloud cover is to the west.
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that will arrive tonight. you see some showers over my shoulder. that's with the cold front moving through. the showers michigan to chicago. first the warm front will set us up with a warmer airflow tomorrow. we're talking mid to upper 70s in the area tomorrow. then the cold front arrives with a couple of showers. maybe a little isolated thunderstorm in a few spots. that will be about it. out the door in the city, 60 in the morning. 50s in the suburbs. just a couple of peaks of sun. and the risk of a shower gets going after 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. the high, 76. the shower threat will be around into the evening. the futurecast shows that coming along. that will get out of the picture here and we'll look for a beautiful saturday. a little cooler on saturday. a little breeze out of the north-northwest. but nice really for this time of year. it will be back over 70 by columbus day. a lot of clouds tonight. 60 in town. 50s as you get towards most of the suburbs. tomorrow, just a couple of breaks of sun in the morning. otherwise, a fair amount of clouds. showers, mostly mid to late afternoon.
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don't be surprised if there's an isolated thunderstorm in a few spots. but the chance is relatively low. there's the holiday weekend. saturday, 65 and sunny. sunday, up to 68. we'll break 70 on columbus day. beautiful, 72. clouds tuesday. a couple of showers. not a lot of rain at 70. and wednesday, thursday, looking good, upper 60s, lows in the 50s. our average high is 66. most of the time we are above average in temperatures. ernie: very nice. it's what they call a beautiful day in the neighborhood. nick: it is. get out and enjoy it. ernie: thank you, nick. here's something we can relate to. we spend hours every day staring at some kind of a screen. it can't be all that good for us. next, what is it doing to our eyes and why kids are the most at risk. we'll talk about that with two guests. tomorrow, a took at puerto rico's financial crisis. it's as serious as other countries that have affected the
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ernie: all right. welcome back, everybody. let's check out tonight's feature story for you. technology is everywhere. there's no escaping all the devices we need, and we like to use them on a daily basis. phones, tablets, computers, and they all have screens that are straining our eyes and often ruining our eyesight. as liz dahlem reports, it's especially tough on our children. >> reporter: constantly looking at a cell phone could lead to vision problems. and those most vulnerable are children. >> do you like chocolate -- >> reporter: this doctor is a pediatric eye doctor and deals with this all the time. >> this generation is going to have more issues of convergence and more near sightedness than the generation before. >> reporter: devices make users' eyes converge and focus, causing
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many to become near sighted. >> using devices on a chronic basis and being in dimly spaces is a double whammy. >> the light isn't always good. it can have serious effects on sleeping patterns. >> it changes your circadian rhythm that tells you to wake up and go to sleep. >> reporter: the doctor has tips to keep you safe. >> exposure to sunlight, taking breaks, watching tv, not the worse the thing in the world if you're at a distance. all help slow that natural tendency to have nearsightedness. >> reporter: since technology isn't going away, it's important to take the doctor's advice, to avoid long-term eyesight issues. from midtown manhattan, liz dahlem, back to you. ernie: thank you for that. joining me, two special guests i want you to introduce. this professor of ophthalmology,
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and an off -- a doctor with presbyterian. what is the tech effect? is it hurting our eyes? >> it is. the good news is there's no long-term damage. that being said, we're spending hours on our devices. with this comes terrible eye strain and irritation. people are experiencing headaches, blurry vision, red, irritated eyes and a lot of discomfort. ernie: this affects everybody. >> it really does. when ear staring at -- when we're staring at the computer, we don't blink. if you start out with dry eyes, they'll be worse. even a child, somebody with normal tears, is going to feel dryness. look away. when i looked away, i blinked. i don't have to say blink. look away. look at the clock. look at the window. you'll wet that surface again.
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it's a simple thing to do to feel better. ernie: let's talk about young people, our children. they're using technology a lot. how does it impact their eyes? a lot of kids would like to wear contact lenses. what's the impact of wearing lenses at an early age? >> right. kids are using more and more of these technological devices. there's evidence that they're using them up to seven hours a day. we don't think it causes harm, but what we know is prolonged near work, so reading a lot, using your devices, we think it's associated with nearsightedness. there's more and more nearsightedness, so much so it's an epidemic. ernie: think we'll see more corrective surgery? >> we don't do lasik on people whose vision hasn't stabilized. it's for people over 21 or older when their vision is stable. i think we are going to see people doing lasik and see contact lenses. i don't think glasses are going away.
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all these options will be available. one of the interesting things about contact lenses is with nearsightedness, there's some evidence that certain special contact lenses can prevent some of the nearsightedness. it's a whole new area that's expanding. we don't know all the information yet, but it's a new way of looking at contact lenses to change the ultimate refraction that a person has. ernie: it's interesting. what else should we remember if we're trying to protect our eyes? >> sure. make sure you have a comfortable workplace when you're working on your computers. you want the lighting to be good. decrease glare. your computer should be two feet in front of your face below the eye line. doing simple changes can make you more comfortable. ernie: good information. >> pleasure to be here. ernie: thank you for being here. we'd like to see you here. keep your eyes healthy and open. thanks so much.
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being on the computer, i have an interesting question for you about that. check this out. what do you enjoy the most when you're on the computer? is it shopping? e-mail? something else? your answers are coming up. join us for breast cancer awareness week starting monday here at 6:00. from the advancements in treatment, new ideas for attacking this disease, and fashion that helps patients and survivors' self-esteem. that's next week, our special at 6:00. next, russ joins me with derrick
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ernie: russ is here with something the knicks did not need. this is an off the court mess. russ: let's put it this way. when phil jackson hired fisher and they wanted to implement the triangle offense, i don't think this is the triangle he was talking about. long story short, fisher went out to l.a. to visit he said his kids and a lady that he is dating, who is the ex-wife of a former teammate of his, matt barnes.
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allegedly drove 95 miles, there was a scuffle that ensued. and you have a triangle now that, as we say, the knicks don't need. ernie: let me ask you something. under normal circumstances, a lot of people would say this is personal business. but does this have an impact on the team, on the teammates? russ: personal business, yes, it is personal business, but he is derek fisher, the head coach of the new york knicks, so he's not the spotlight on him. in terms does it have an effect on the knicks, if you ask me today, i think players, because people talk in the locker room, they're having a chuckle about it, what's the coach up to? there's kind of the unwritten rule. from a coach, you shouldn't be dating a player's wives, girlfriends, or ex-wives. stay away from that. however, does it have an impact
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here's what the coach had to say. >> it's only what we allow to be a distraction. so, you know, personal and private things happen in people's lives, good and bad sometimes, and it will remain that way as far as commenting and making statements publicly. but for now, that's all i can say and will say. ernie: remains to be seen. russ: i don't think it will have a distraction during the season. the only thing that will be a distraction is the knicks play lousy baseball. ernie: cubs won the wildcard. russ: jake was sensational. he threw a complete game shutout. an incident happened in the 7th inning. he got hit by watson, and words were exchanged. then you see a big time scrum ensue after that.
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dugout. rodriguez of the pirates was taking out his frustration on the poor gatorade cooler. obviously he had a knock out of the cooler -- ernie: a boxing match. russ: he couldn't prevent his pirates from being knocked out. ernie: interesting to see. russ: in baseball this afternoon, alds game one in toronto. the visiting texas rangers are leading 5-3. that is going into the bottom of the 9th. ernie: thank you, russ. coming up, many of us use computers for our work. that's kind of your favorite thing to do? what about when you're online alone? we have your answers coming up next. keep it here. it's not about hugging trees. it's not about being wasteful either.
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ernie: we all have choices. what's the favorite thing you like to do on your computer? >> shop. ernie: that's a good thing. do you do a lot of that? >> as much as my husband will allow. >> i like to use apple's imessage application. rather than text people, i can do it from my computer. ernie: you spend a lot of time doing that? >> i do. i would say hours every day. ernie: you don't like to be on the computer? >> i hate it. i hate it. ernie: it was a tough question. >> it was. computer's not my thing. ernie: you'd rather do something else. >> anything else. i don't write a lot on the computer. i answer questions and move on. ernie: what's your favorite thing? >> my absolutely favorite thing is google news.
6:25 pm
absolutely all of my news comes from the internet. ernie: from the internet. that's your favorite thing. what do you like to do? >> look up sports. ernie: sports. not surprised. anything in mind? >> look up everything on google. ernie: you google things. any information you want? >> yes. ernie: what gives you the greatest pleasure? >> online shopping. i don't have to go into a store. no crying or fussiness. ernie: easy to do. keep shopping online. >> don't tell my husband. ernie: i thought you'd say that. have a great day. >> you, too. thanks. ernie: bye! bye. cute little kid. that's it for now. thank you very much for joining us. for all of us, i'm ernie anastos in studio 5. our control room, we wave to you. have a wonderful evening. thanks for being a part of our broadcast every night. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. should i ask you the question? when you're on line?
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hickory, dickry, dock. ernie: how about you?
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